Where to skate in winter in Ukraine?
A list of indoor skate spots in Ukraine to skate in winter
Kryvyi Rih
Ozymblovkyi Ihor

The skate spot called “Winter Hall” appeared last winter. Serhiy Trotsenko found this place and we rented it and dumped money with our local skate crew 96sk8gang. The Dream Park team (local skate park manufacturer) joined immediately and made a few figures for free. The main advantage of the spot is that there are many different figures and the fact that it is indoor. Just ride, progress, and don’t noodle.
A few nuances: the flat is bad. Wooden tiles sometimes break while riding. Also when it rains, the roof leaks in certain places, and there might be puddles. So they must either be washed away or you should wait for them to dry. In the future, we plan to solve this problem. Also, this area is not heated, so it's cold there in winter. But when you skate - it’s okay. There is a prep room where we leave things, shoes, and boards. There is a heater and a small sound system. In general, it’s quite normal.

Address: Bykova str, 9a
Schedule: There is no fixed schedule.
You just need to write in DM on IG @96sk8gang or @dreamparkua and ask.
Entrance fee - 40 UAH
Mykhasyonok Vlad

This is the basement of the school, that was allocated to us in 2014. It all started with a small mini-ramp, which was redesigned twice as big through the years. Last year, the concrete was poured and polished. There are several figures for skating: a mini ramp, grind boxes, kickers, rails. So there are all the conditions for skating and progressing in the winter season. It only remains to come and skate. We have some music, sofas, etc. If you want to drink tea or even dance - you are welcome. You want to skate - please!

It is all possible thanks to the guys from the Ternopil Skate School. They did everything so that skaters from Ternopil or any other region could come, skate and progress.

Address: Chubynskoho str, 3
Schedule: Mon / Fri from 15:00 to 19:00
Sat / Sun: 12:00 to 19:00
Entrance fee: 80 UAH

Hrytsiv Volodymyr

For the moment there is only one indoor skate park in Frankivsk called Crime Park. All the figures there are handmade. This place looks very cowardly and atmospheric. In general, there are no normal figures in Frankivsk for progressing on the ledge and rails. The Crime Park is probably the only place for that now. In the park, there are figures like a ledge, a copping rail, a manual box and one more ledge (2 in 1 type), a kicker, and a small free space for flat skating.

Address: Galtska str, 201
Schedule: usually from 15:00 till 21:00
Entrance fee: 30 UAH
Andriy Denisov

The indoor pool is located in the old open summer cinema in the park named after Checkman. Admission is free, you can ride at any time. Mostly we ride there when it is not possible to ride on the streets due to the weather conditions. It's a bit cold there in winter because there are no walls, but there is a roof that protects the spot from rain and snow. Actually, I love this place. There is a specific atmosphere of cowardly skateboarding. A real underground :) 

Address: Parkova str, 1 (city park named after Checkman)
Schedule: open to skate 24/7
Entrance fee - free

Oleg Yaremchuk

Now, there are two indoor spots in Kharkiv. The first one is a small indoor park, mostly for rollerskating. It’s very small and there is nothing but a flat ledge, a quarter, and a kicker. Skaters don’t often ride there.

Photos are taken from the IG page @ride.school.kh

Address: metro station “Traktorny Zavod”, Alyoshyna Avenue, 24 (2nd floor)
Schedule: by prior arrangement on the website
Entrance: UAH 120 for 3 hours on weekdays and 150 UAH on weekends.
The second indoor spot in Kharkiv was opened recently. This is a cool, bright, and comfortable park. There is a warm locker room, a bathroom, and a separate smoking area outside the park. As for the figures, there is a flat ledge (manual box), two zones with rolls and quarters, and an angled ledge. Also in each zone, there are ledges that go along the entire length. Also, there are a flat and rails.

Spot page in IG
Address: Gagarina metro station, Raizhny Lane, 27
Schedule: weekdays 15.00 - 21.00, weekends 11.00 - 21.00 (divided into two sessions)
Entrance fee: 150 UAH per session

Egor Malyi

There are two main indoor spots in Kyiv: the Olympic Skate Park and skate park Born. There is also the Harbor - a skate park under the bridge. Admission is free, but you have to ride in a helmet, and it's cold there. In the Olympic Skate Park, there are two boxes (small and large), two kickers of different sizes, and a flat rail. There are also sofas to sit and put your stuff on.

Address: Olimpiyska metro station, on the territory of Olimpiyskyi stadium.
Schedule: usually from 14.00 to 22.00. When there is a football game in the stadium, the park is closed.
Entrance fee: 2 hours - 70 UAH

Born is a small indoor skate park made by the Born skate store. In my opinion, it is crowded, expensive and you have to ride well in radiuses. There are also two ramps of different sizes. As for the street zone, there is a pyramid with a rail and two boxes, and two radiuses on the sides. There are also sofas, sockets and a dressing room with a toilet.

Schedule: Mon / Fri - 16.00 - 21.00, weekends - 14.00 - 20.00
Entrance fee: 100 UAH / hour
Ilya Glotov

There are two places in Dnipro where you can ride in winter. One of them is the Bobmastic Skate Park, which was opened in 2014 and implemented by the Right Park company. It is located right on the roof of the Pryozernyi shopping mall. The park covering is something like a big red box with louvered walls. Because of this, the temperature in the park is almost the same as outside. But if you want to skate and train in winter - here you go!

The second place is a roller drome "Rolo-Kolo". This is a warm basement. Its advantage is that it is heated. It's hard to call a skatepark because the figures are built mostly for rollers. Slipper floor, less free space. In fact, it is a roller skating rink, where children's training takes place constantly.

I think that Dnipro city has the best facilities for skateboarding in the winter period in Ukraine.

Photo - Mihail Lyadetskiy

Bombastic Skate Par
Address: Zvylysta str, 5, shopping mall “Pryozernyi”
Schedule: 10.00 - 21.00
Entrance fee: 50 UAH

Rolokolo roller drome
Address: Dmitry Dontsov str, 2A
Schedule: 10.00 - 21.00
Entrance fee: 80 UAH