Kostya Okrugin about the new video by Sort Company, offline presentations and future plans.
A few days before the presentation of REMBER5 in Kyiv, we met Kostya Okrugin, the founder of the Sort Company, and talked briefly about the film, the offline presentations, and the brand's upcoming plans.
Kostya, please tell us briefly about the Sort brand and the team that deals with it.

For every member of the team, Sort is a machine that flies as fast as we develop ourselves. It's like a platform that gives us colors to develop further and combine our skills while remaining committed to our work and ideas. Each team member performs his or her chosen role based on the person's experience, not his or her desire. I think this is a very cool working model for a brand.
How long did the filming process of the REMBER5 last? Where did you start and end?

REMBER is always shot during the skating season in between the work. Talking about months, we started shooting in the summer in Marukha (Mariinsky Park, Kyiv) and finished in Georgia almost in the winter.

Why did you decide to capture as many cities and countries as possible this time?

Lately, it was possible to travel more and spend more time on content. About 25 people are already working with us, so the tasks have drastically narrowed.
Were there any cities or countries that you visited for the first time during the filming and how were you received there?

It was Tbilisi and Milan. I've been there before, but without my board. In Georgia, everyone was very excited, everyone was sincerely happy and it was obvious that it was very important for them as if something extraordinary has happened. Big respect for the people of Georgia! In Milan we saw all the local tops. It was just some magical spectacle! But in general, I want to say that we are a little on our own when traveling. We don't try to hang out with anyone on purpose. Everything turns out randomly. I think that's right.

Tell us about a usual shooting day.

I think everything is the same as everywhere else. We wake up, then we have a couple of hours of stupidity, we eat, get together and go on the spot. Then there is either a plan, or we just walk the streets, look around and find something.
Which spots and where do you remember the most?

In Georgia, the spots very surprised me. There are both tough and technical. It's unexpected, to be honest. There were also ledges at the train station in Milan. This is something simply unreal. Those who have ridden there do not fully understand the ease of slides and grinds.

Tell us a funny moment from the shooting.

There will be good stories in the REMBER5 movie itself. I think it would be cool to hear it while watching :)
Who rides in the video? What new tricks did you do and shoot for the first time?

There are a lot of people in the video that we just met and hung out with in different cities and countries. Senchik very impressed me with his ender.

A few words about the editing process. Who edited and how the music was chosen?

In general, I can say that this is my personal project. And in the process of editing, I learned a lot, it's a thrill. Senchik helped to write titles and to choose music.
The war made adjustments to the brand's plans and video presentation. What difficulties in the context of presentations did you face now and how did you set up this whole process?

It is very difficult not to be present at the presentations. This is the result of our work after the whole year, so many strengths and emotions were put in there. But it’s okay, the main thing is that a lot of people helped to implement all this in Europe and beyond.

I know that you collect donations at every offline presentation. How much have you already managed to raise and where are you redirecting the collected funds?

We do not collect a specific amount. And in general, we do not count, how much money was collected, because what is the reason to calculate? After each presentation, we think about the fund to redirect the money to. I think that during all this time we have raised about $ 1.5k in the context of donations from offline presentations. Maximum respect for Warsaw, where we managed to raise $500 and a full hall of 200 seats saw the film! It’s so good!
I understand that the question will sound a little strange, but what to expect from the Sort brand this season, what are your next plans?

Listen, it's very difficult right now. I think you understand why. All I know is that we won’t stop. These situations, both global and local, have made us even stronger, and we will never let go of what we have and the people around us. And if we haven't run away by this moment, that's it - now we will only move forward!
Questions/Photos Andriy Boyar
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