Yurii Korotun
25 y.o., Klavdievo, Kyiv,
Kyiv region, and the whole Ukraine.
Where and how did the first day of the war befall you?

The first day of the war found me on vacation in Antalya, where I was with my fiancee and children. I woke up from the most horrible information that the war had begun. My heart was breaking. I was in constant communication with friends, acquaintances, and family. I helped with evacuation, paved routes, and searched for the necessary information that was not available due to Internet problems in Ukraine. I remember running out into the street and screaming and crying in pain, looking at the calm and clear sea, on the horizon of which beautiful mountains could be seen. We lived in the ancient part of the city, near the waterfront. We immediately packed our stuff and went to Germany. 
One month of war has passed. How have your thoughts and mood changed during this period?

Oh, very much changed, actually. First of all, the war and this mood have become commonness. Despite being at a distance of 1600 km from home, I was with each of my friends and people I know and worried about their lives. During this time, we have helped dozens of people with housing in Ukraine and Europe. We also evacuated several families and a young 16-year-old skateboarder from Kyiv to Hannover, Germany, where I live. In fact, the war has clearly showed who is who. This applies to both Russian and our Ukrainian famous skateboarders, who inflame conflicts between their people.
Describe your typical day during the war period.

Oh, I get up at 7 am. I read the news, make first calls, and communicate with people. Then, I have a little time for real life, family, kids, and skateboarding.

We have launched a school and courses for Ukrainians in Hannover. It's free for everyone. In general, now all my energy is focused on psychological, mentoring, and humanitarian assistance to teenagers in Germany and all over the world.
When evening comes, my European calls and communication change to communication with America, because of the time difference. In general, it seems to me that every day I have about 40 to 80 calls and hundreds of messages on all social networks. 

What will you do first after our victory?

I'm going to hug my parents.
Glory to defenders and glory to heroes!