Tamara Kozina 

20 y.o., Kyiv
Where and how did the first day of the war befall you?

The war started very unexpectedly. I was in Kyiv and was supposed to fly to Turkey on the 25th at night, but of course, my plans have changed.

For the first 2 days, I couldn't believe that this was really happening.
One month of war has passed. How have your thoughts and mood changed during this period?

During the first week I was trying to figure out what was going on and what to do next – go or stay. Life has just stopped. At first, I was always on my phone and followed the news 24/7. The explosions nearby were very frightening. There were thoughts that it could hit our house. In the second week, the mood worsened. I didn’t understand how long it would last. Decisions about the future had to be made.

Two weeks later, my mother, brother, sister, and I went abroad, and within 14 days (end of March) we have been traveling to different EU countries looking for temporary asylum.
Describe your typical day during the war period.

Being in 4 walls, constantly hearing explosions, and watching the news it was hard not to go crazy. But I forced myself to do sports and distract myself from paranoid thoughts.

I don't have a clear schedule today. While you are traveling, plans are constantly changing. We travel, then stop somewhere to spend the night and go on. In some cities, we stop for a few days to have a rest. 
Now we are in Barcelona. There is an opportunity to skate and I am very happy with it. But it’s impossible to give yourself 100% to your favorite hobby because you need to think about how to arrange your future. We need to move on again soon. I want to find a city where my family and I will be in comfort for a while.

So, we have to build everything from the very beginning, live from scratch.

What will you do first after our victory?

I really want to meet my father, who stayed in Ukraine, as well as to hug my friends and get together!