Dmytro Haiduk
30 y.o., Khmelnytskyi/Kyiv
skater, co-founder of Workers skateboards
Where and how did the first day of the war befall you?

It was a normal evening. Like most Ukrainians, we went to bed calmly, planning the next day: morning coffee, then work and daily activities. My sleep was strong enough and I did not hear the first explosion, but my girlfriend woke up immediately, she was scared, and she began to wake me up. Understanding of what was happening did not come immediately, but after hearing and feeling the next explosions we began to make our suitcases.
Everything became clear - the war began. I kept calm and was responsible for rational and quick decisions. We put what we saw in the suitcases, then gathered our animals, namely a cat, which was recently sheltered from the yard, and our beloved dog. Of course, it was a very ambiguous moment in a state of panic, but we were ready in about an hour and left in the direction of my hometown in western Ukraine. When we left, we decided to wait for the traffic jams and calm down, because in the morning we forgot to even think about washing our faces, not to mention breakfast.
Our stop was the city of Irpin, where our friends lived. An hour later, we realized that this was a big mistake because this point was the hottest in the vicinity of Kyiv. Despite all the events, in the evening we took matters into our own hands and set off on this route. The road was difficult, this short distance we drove for 22 hours. But all this is not comparable to the horror experienced till now by residents of the Kyiv region and eastern cities of Ukraine.
More than one month of war has passed. How have your thoughts and mood changed during this period?

More than a month of war has passed. There is no mood, only malice, and ignorance, but we should not be like these inhuman beings. Our nation is invincible because it is free. After all, we have love and many other bright feelings that move us forward. I reconsidered many things, ordinary everyday things already seem like a great holiday and pleasure. It is very difficult to observe what is happening in those places where the "Russian peace" came.
Describe your typical day during the war period.

Every day is different. I have friends from Irpin and Kyiv, two cats, and a dog who live with me) We cook, clean the house, repair something, and walk from time to time. We also had the idea to renovate the figures in the local skate park, which is what we sometimes do. There were days when I went skating. It is difficult, but a little distracting. I am learning English a little bit, I am helping the Internet army as much as I can.
What will you do first after our victory?

First of all, I will meet my girlfriend, who is currently abroad. I will continue to work even harder on my brand (Workers skateboards), trying to surprise and progress. And finally, I will celebrate the victory with my family, and my best friends, because it is the most valuable thing we have!

Photos provided by Dmytro Haiduk