Mykhailo Tevkun
30, Kyiv
Head of the Skateboarding Association of Ukraine
CEO FiRST Skate Co.
Where and how did the first day of the war befall you?

The war caught me in Kyiv, on Troieschyna (Kyiv district). I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning from the whistling of two missiles and the shaking of windows. A few seconds later I heard explosions in the area of ​​Brovary.

I went online and saw the news of the beginning of the war. I remember the first emotion - wild anxiety. After calming myself and my beloved ones, I went to bed again, but at 12 am it exploded again. I woke up, went to refuel the car, bought ammunition for the gun, and started thinking about what to do next. 

In the evening I made a post on skateukraine in IG about the Russian invasion, where I tagged the organizations with which we cooperated. The post called on people to demonstrate their position and support Ukraine. The post covered about 17,000 skaters and showed who were our friends and who swallowed a bug.
More than a month of war has passed. How have your thoughts and mood changed during this period?

Like every Ukrainian, since the beginning of the war, I have experienced the full scale of emotions: denial, anger, depression, elation, and so on. On February 4, while I was in the USA, I heard about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. But I returned home because I felt the need to be with my relatives.

I made a conclusion after my US trip: we (Ukrainians) have everything to be the number one country in the world: land resources, water resources, people, etc. But we just don’t believe in ourselves. With the beginning of the war, the question of this self-confidence disappeared. The Ukrainian fighting spirit goes beyond the scale. We are confident in victory and united as never before in the history of Ukraine.
Some more interesting events:

February 28, 2022 – I was standing at the entrance of my home, smoking a cigarette (I started smoking a lot in the first 15 days) and suddenly an enemy UAV fell on the hall cover;

March 11, 2022 – I helped to weld anti-tank hedgehogs and figures for various purposes at the metal base;

From 13.03 to 15.03 I woke up from the explosions at 4 am, they were very close;

15.03 I was in occupied Irpin, helped the guys with the drone, and was very impressed.
Describe your typical day during the war period.

I wake up, do morning yoga, and have breakfast. I go out, help my parents, fight on the information front, make posts on skateukraine IG public, and raise money for the fund "Come Back Alive". I write to our international partners and contribute to our common victory.
What will you do first after our victory?

I'll get a tattoo, lol :) And if I'm not kidding, I'll go abroad on vacation and master a new profession.